Face-shapes and haircuts

Whats an ideal haircut for my face-shape?

Lets be real, we have all seen a bad haircut on someone or even had one ourselves. But what makes a haircut not attractive?! A lot  can depend on the individuals face shape -when you rule out- dry, overly processed, incorrect usage of hair products or not a flattering styled hairdo. Haircuts may accentuate your assets or take away from your features. I’m going to brief you on the type of haircuts that  compliment certain face shapes. Keep in mind, haircuts may  vary in  texture, integrity and amount of hair; therefore, tweeking a haircut may be necessary.  We shall begin!

**fringe- hair around the face

Circle – wide cheeks, vertically short

Haircuts look good that are close around the sides of the face with diagonal lines, like a face-frame, or layers. Or  add length to the face with vertical lines in a one length haircut and height to give volume. Weight lines above the ears, such as bangs create a fullness look.

Oval – long vertically and narrow around the forehead

Keep hair open around the forehead or partially cover forehead to take away from the length. Add fullness around the temple but no added height on the crown.

Square – Wide jaw and forehead is equal in width, vertically short.

A haircut that draws vertical and diagonal lines to help the eyes to look up and down, shaping around the jaw and forehead. Volume on the crown and temple area.

Heart or inverted triangle- Width around the forehead and brow-line, and narrow jawline

Open up jaw area and create volume from the ears downward, create closeness around the forehead like with bangs (side-swept or straight across).

Triangle- wide jawline, narrow forehead

Bring fringe area toward the jaw area and diminish width, open up the bang area around the forehead and add slight volume

Diamond- narrow forehead and jawline, wide cheekbones

Open fringe around forehead area and jawline, adding slight volume  on the crown, add closeness around the cheek and temples.

Now that you just had a beauty school lesson, hopefully you’ll be more equipped when going in a salon for a new do. Sometimes you want a haircut that is tailored more specifically to your own needs (like a job requirement, or exercise routine) and wants, this info is not to knock your style. This information is only to make a mental note of the little details that can accentuate your assets. We are only here to help you live in the dream that you see yourself in! Cheers to looking good!

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4 thoughts on “Face-shapes and haircuts”

  1. Thanks for explaining that those with diamond-shaped faces will benefit from having their hair open around their forehead. I was thinking about finding a local hairdresser to go to since I think changing up my style would help get me out of the rut I’ve been in lately. I’m glad I read your article and learned these general tips to keep in mind since my face is pretty diamond-shaped!

    1. Hello! I’m so glad you liked the article! What a great reward to know I’m able to help someone. Thanks so much for the read, I hope you have a great rest of the year!!

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