Short hair – Pixie cut

Would a Short Haircut/Pixie cut look good on me?

I have to say, cutting short hair (ex. pixie cuts) is fun to do because they give a real challenge! Everyone’s head, forehead, ears, and neck shape are different sizes and shapes (reference face-shapes and haircuts). To Master the perfect pixie cut this is no “one size fits all” haircut,  the attributes of each individual are different. Each section of the head can be cut at different lengths and textures to draw the eye a certain direction. When a client has to see obvious changes surrounding their face everyday, its important to do precision cutting to match the flow of short haircuts.  Lets just put it this way, a quarter of an inch can make a huge difference when cutting the bang area, as it does when cutting the top of the head. The pixie cut can go from a flirtatious wispy short do to a crew cut real quick!

If your really nervous about going for a big transformation, i recommend bringing in a picture of a short haircut you like, that way your aware of which hairstyle you are getting. It also helps as a reference point to express what you do and don’t like about the haircut.

Lets face it! All us girls has had a pixie cut once in our lives, when we were babies!! And we all looked adorable in them! So why not be bold and do it again?! I just love how women are changing the social norms, but what matters most, is whatever hairstyle you have, short hair or long hair, lets rock it with confidence!

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