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Most people with grey hair have contemplated covering their grey hair with hair color. I consider this thought process to be very normal and is not wrong to think; preference wise, you can either commit to coloring your greys, blend them with highlights or lowlights, or let it go! I’ve seen some beautiful grey hair patterns in men and women,  a lot of which we as hair stylists replicate ( salt and pepper, grey thick streaks, and many more!). So don’t feel discouraged if you decide to give your grey hair a try, you may be a part of a new trend.

How to cover grey hair 

On average, people tend to refresh their highlights every 3 months, give or take. Although, a glistening glimmer of grey will always show up when it grows out.  I usually recommend when the greys start appearing and you haven’t had time to cover them with hair color, to use root cover spray ( my favorite, joico If you plan on transitioning to grey hair from your hair being already artificially colored, I highly recommend coloring your grey hair with Biolsge Henna Hair color. It rinses  completely out within 22 washes without permanently dying your grey or natural  hair color (offering this service at Transit Salon).  Otherwise, you can use hair color just at the roots and only refresh (pull through) to your mid-ends when your hair color has faded.

Lowlights and grey hair

The opposite of highlights are adding lowlights to grey hair! Lowlights can also be maintenance depending on where they are placed on the head. If they’re placed more on top of the head where the hair parts, then its recommended redoing the lowlights as they grow out. if they are peek-a-boo lowlights, they don’t need to be touched up as often.

Brown hair and grey highlights

People often ask, would grey highlights blend their grey hair to their brown hair? My answer is temporarily. Grey highlights can fade  easily because it’s such a light color, and artificial colors always fade to some degree. The lighter the color is, the less amount of color pigment needed to fade. Therefore, the grey would eventually turn a pale-pale yellow, that unless the hair was highlighted to a white color first. To achieve white hair color, is very hard on the hair is often not what’s recommended. When it comes down to blending grey hairs with highlights,  keep in mind highlights are still maintenance (cost, time and effort).

Ultimately, rocking grey hair is not for everyone. For some, you may not know how you feel about it until you see for yourself what your greys grown out looks like.

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