Do highlights damage hair ?

One may wonder if highlights damage hair ? There are pros and cons to using bleach, and getting your hair highlighted. In this article, I’m going to explain what happens to the hair strand when you highlight hair with bleach, as well as how to repair and maintain your hair after a chemical service!

Bleach does attack the protein and bonds within the hair. Highlighting the hair with bleach can keep weakening the hair with repetitive processing and break the hair if it’s not used properly (by a professional).

Process of bleaching hair:

Once bleach is activated with peroxide , it then swells the hair and breaks down the keratin cells on the outside of the hair strand and the amino acid bonds inside the hair.
Both the inside and outside of the hair make up for its strength (elasticity) and ability to hold moisture and hair color. When both the keratin cells and bonds are broken the hair starts splitting and breaking. There are ways to prevent, and repair the hair though!

Maintain healthy highlights:

Just because bleach is aggressive, does not mean highlights damage hair or  you should not get your hair highlighted or bleached. You can still have great healthy hair, so what does that mean?

It is also important to maintain or preserve the strength on the of the hair WHILE getting a chemical service, ask your stylist about adding a bond builder to your chemical service!
A bond builder while getting your hair highlighted preserves the integrity of your hair. By reinforcing the amino acid bonds that makeup the inside of the hair strand, the cortex.

Also using clean natural hydrating products and protein treatments at home will add additional strength and moisture to the hair! If you don’t have a protein treatment at home, your salon may provide that service also. Click here for some of my favorite naturally focused products.

CLICK HERE in how to wash your hair properly without drying it out, or you can occasionally use a dry shampoo to prevent over washing or your hair color from fading.

It sounds like a lot added to the list to do and spend after you get a highlighting service; protein treatment- check, hydrating mask- check, bond builder-check. But being that most people aspire to have gorgeous locks after getting their hair highlighted, like celebrities, hair models on the internet, etc, beauty comes with a price, and it’s usually not cheap. I wouldn’t be intimidated though, i’d suggest researching for local salons and setting up a consultation to ask questions regarding service prices for the look you want, as well as the products you will be needing to maintain that look. That way you step with the right foot forward and a budget in mind for the best hair care! Meanwhile, hopefully with your mind at ease in this department, you can enjoy your experience getting your hair done ! Cheers!

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