How to use dry shampoo

Some people think dirty hair is bad for you, or as soon as the hair gets oily it needs to be washed and it’s not a good look.  I am here to inform you differently,  dirty hair can actually work to your advantage when you have a good can of dry shampoo.  Dry shampoo can be your weapon of disguise for greasy hair.  I don’t usually like to use the word greasy when talking about hair, but that sure is what it feels like when you have loads of oil (sebum) on the scalp and roots. Nobody loves that feeling but there are ways you can use your oils as part of your styling routine. I’ll begin by explaining what your natural oils do for you, how you can use dry shampoo, and finally  how to replenish moisture .

Benefits of  sebum

To start out your natural oil’s are produced as a first layer of defense to protect  your skin (scalp) and hair .  Your natural oils help protect your skin from getting dry and from becoming more prone to getting infections and diseases.  It is not necessary to excessively shampoo your hair because it can dry out your scalp and hair.  However, as consumers we become accustomed and obsessed with buying products that smell good and that are marketed to clean our hair. On the contrary, our natural oil’s are a great heat protectant and work great against humidity as a water repellent and defrizzer for lustrous hair.

How to use dry shampoo

*Note: if you don’t have an oily scalp, you don’t need to use dry shampoo unless you feel necessary, however, you may still want to read the following.

So here’s what you can do when your roots feel like someone poured cooking oil on it, brush the oils down from scalp to ends, repeatedly each day. Brushing your scalp is just as important as brushing your hair because it stimulates the blood flow in your scalp and pulls the excess sebum off the scalp. The goal is to work all the oils throughout the hair to receive the benefits (paragraph above) of the sebum, and to get the excess oil off the scalp. I usually brush my scalp to ends 1 to 2 times a day and spray my scalp once a day (only because I have really oily scalp)

Then I would part your hair and spray (I prefer an aerosol version) a dry shampoo on your scalp everywhere, part and spray, part and spray. Dry shampoo is there to soak up any oils on the scalp and cleanse the scalp. My favorite dry shampoo is from Onesta.

 If you don’t have really oily hair, you can reduce the amount of days per week you apply the dry shampoo, but I highly recommend brushing from scalp to ends every day. As you continue this regimen, your hair will get more lustrous, humidity resistant and frizz proof.

I don’t recommend doing this method of using dry shampoo instead of regular lather shampoo every time your trying to cleanse your scalp (check out how to shampoo your hair here), primarily because your hair needs water- moisture! However, this is a great method if you know you’re not wanting to wash it for several days (for example, if you just got your hair styled and don’t want to mess it up). When you do finally wash your hair, I recommend using a hydrating conditioner or mask to replenish nutrients into the hair and seal in the water (moisture). Be sure to rinse in cool water. Before you know it you’ll be cheering to many more good hair days!

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