Makeup Application Do’s and Don’ts

Makeup Application Do’s and Don’ts

How do you make your makeup look good? Which products should you use? Unfortunately, there is not one clear cut answer, applying make-up is more comprehensive than most assume. There are some fundamental steps that will help your makeup  look pristine. Here are some Do’s and Don’ts of makeup application that will help you grasp basics.

Do’s and Don’ts

  • Begin with  clean and exfoliated skin (lips included), there’s nothing like flaky skin with fresh make-up
  • Use a skin toner, moisturizer with sunscreen prior to makeup application
  • Apply a primer before foundation
  • Use proper makeup brushes, the type of brush you use can effect the outcome (example: a blending brush for blending eye shadow)
  • Use an eyelid primer, to keep the eye shadow to stay on longer
  • Apply eye shadow in sections, don’t pad the eye shadow unevenly before blending
  • Do not rub any fall out eye shadow from under eye, instead, apply extra finishing powder under eyes before applying eye shadow (it’ll prevent eye shadow from sticking to your foundation). Then dust both eye shadow and foundation with a brush
  • Do not try to create a cat eye within one stroke (unless your that good!), build your eyeliner with small strokes to make it thicker and longer. It’s harder to start over than to add more.
  • Use concealer to cover-up dark spots (like under the eyes, acne, etc.)
  • Match the foundation to your neck and not your face
  • Use a highlighter to give your face a healthy glow
  • Use a bronzer to contour your face, so your face doesn’t look flat
  • Keep handy rice paper sheets to soak up excess oil on your face through out the day, this will help makeup to look fresh and stay on longer

Last “don’t”, don’t overwhelm yourself with all these steps at once, practice a few steps  at a time until you got them down, then add a few more! There is no need to stress about applying makeup; it should be an enjoyable experience that you look forward to. Cheers to looking great!

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